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Magic Design

What’s Up with the Modern Banned List?

By now, I’m sure most of you have seen the September 20th update to the Modern banned list. There’s been a lot of talk since it went up last night, and a reasonable amount of confusion among players. Why were there so many bannings? Why were no cards unbanned? Read more on What’s Up with the Modern Banned List?…

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Design Lessions of Culvion

About a year and a half ago, I embarked on the mission of creating my own Magic set. As a game designer, it was a project I had always wanted to take on but had never truly began.

How Mirrodin was Won

I recently won the Phyrexian half of the Mirrodin Pure Vs. New Phyrexia Duel Decks contest and was a Mirran finalist to boot. This means my Phyrexian deck will end up available as part of a Magic Online-only Duel Deck coming later this year!

Want to know about the two decks I designed and the process I used? Read on!

More on Drawbacks

A lot of good points were brought up in the replies to my last post on drawbacks. I delved too far into semantics and didn’t spend enough time nurturing what I really wanted to say. This post is going to look at drawbacks from the angle I should have focused more on in the first place.

The idea that “everything has a drawback” is something I put too much emphasis on in that post and ended up distracting from the main idea. Part of what I really wanted to get at is something Dom Camus got at with his reply. Here’s some of what Dom had to say:
Read more on More on Drawbacks…

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